Agreements to Sell Lots, 1877 - 1889
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Brief Description:

The Agreements to Sell Lots consists of contractual agreements for individuals and family members who have been interred at Green-Wood Cemetery during a time-period that ranges from 1877 to 1889.

These contracts are contained in three bound volumes with the words "Agreements to Sell Lots' printed on the spine.  Each of these Agreements consist of four paragraphs.  The first paragraph pertains to the deposit for the burial plot.

The second paragraph in this contract is in regard to other individuals (usually family membners who may also be buried in this lot on the condition that the balance of money that is due is paid by the agreed upon date with interest.

In paragraph three, it is stated that the time that is mentioned in the previous paragraph is the essential part of the contract.  The person or persons who signed the Agreement would not be entitled to any additional rights or titles beyond that which was agreed upon.

The final paragraph mentions the date that the Agreement was signed by the parties involved and the signatures are below this.

The volumes have inserts of loose papers that contain the names of individuals who were over due in their payments for the plots.  These names were crossed out indicating that the payents were made.  Many of these contracts have hand-written notes on them.  These notes often refer to dates that payments were made in installments toward paying off the balance of the Agreement.  Often these notes were on the back of the contract.  The word "Paid" is written on the face of many of these documents.

Some of these hand-written notes regarded to extentions of the deadline for the final payment that was due.  The time frame for full payments for these burial plots vary.  Usually, full payment with interest was due within a twelve month period after the signature.  But on occasion, the time-frame for paying off the balance could be longer or shorter.

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